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Dear World by Valerie the Vibe Goddess
Wednesday, May 12, 2004
BOYCOTT Charlton Heston and NRA
This is a letter I worte to Charlton Heston regarding his pathetic behavior surrounding teen and child shootings. I posted it at his "fan" website.


I clicked on the "sign" portion to write hime this letter- It will be interesting if he actually responds like the website claims.

Hello Sir-

I am writing in regard to your handling of the Columbine and Flint child shooting situations. I just saw Bowling for Columbine and was shocked to say the least at your behavior and COWARDICE in dealing with direct questions regarding a very sad and sensitive subject. Being such a powerful man, I would expect you to behave in a more compassionate yet direct manner when confronted with delicate issues such as these unfortunate childhood deaths. You are a man whom people listen to and respect. Please consider using your status to help make a positive difference in people's lives. I understand why we have the "right" to have guns yet do not understand why we have SO many innocent children DIE each year of accidental shootings where other countries do not. YOU sir are partly RESPONSIBLE for this tragedy of society by touting your overly masculine rhetoric on the feeble minded masses. As I am sure you will agree, most people are not very well educated and have tendencies to go with the crowd - especially when that crowd is being led by a charismatic person such as yourself. Hitler was also charismatic. I am a very peaceful person and the reason I have waited so long to watch that movie was because I knew once I saw it- I would respond with action and words. I truly hope and pray that you see how much you can positively or negatively create change on this planet and it's people by how you choose to exercise your power of fame and status. I hope no one you care about ever gets killed our disabled by someone irresponsibly using a GUN. Until you choose to stand up for a SOLUTION to this problem- I and 1000's of my fans will BOYCOTT you and everything you represent.

With Hope and Prayers Valerie Kaye

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