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Dear World by Valerie the Vibe Goddess
Saturday, June 04, 2005
Hibernation and Babies
Aloha Gang!

Hope all is rocking in your worlds- Wow- It's June 4th- I just looked at the date- goodness how time flies. Been laying low with the hubby and the Hercules- getting kinda domesticated up here in lovely Lake Tahoe. Practicing on making da babies ya know.

Been working on a new project called Every Woman's Wisdom- It's a company designed to bring women of all ages and cultures together through the sharing of women's wisdom. We will publish books with stories that are contributed to by women all over the world- that means YOU. The site should be up by July 15 http://www.EveryWomansWisdom.com check it out- contribute your stories and life experiences- the idea is to have EVERY woman on the planet contribute a story about being a woman. We accept stories on all areas of life- you can visit the site for titles of proposed books to get an idea. We accept story submissions embedded in scrapbook pages, handwritten, text via internet, digital art with stories embedded, however you wish to express yourself is great- the more colorful and handmade, the better! We are seeking to make special collectors series to be handed to to each generation of women!

So-get your thinking caps on- think of stories that "you wish someone would have told you - life sure would have been a lot easier if I'd have known that" kind of stories!

Peace Love and Keep Your FAITH ALIVE!!! Live your DREAMS!!!

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