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Dear World by Valerie the Vibe Goddess
Friday, January 06, 2006
Babies R Us!!!
Aloha Groovers- I supposed it's been a bit overdue- but being pregnant really slows me down from 6th gear to 3rd gear- not my usual operating speed. Oh did I mention that I was PREGNANT!!! My fabulous hubby Stevie and I conceived our baby on the Big Island of Hawaii on June 18thish- we did a little prayer and ceremonial fruit offering to Pele (fire goddess) and we are pretty certain that is where our baby GODDESS was conceived. On the volcano- Hawaii-magical!!! Thanks Dave and Becca for getting married and gathering all of us over in the islands to celebrate your love!

Anyhoo- I am about 30 weeks preggers- due on March 18th- whoohoo- A little baby girl on the way- life is changing in a most beautifully unexpected way- I am really digging this whole nesting mommy vibe. Wasn't too sure what it would be like- in fact I was pretty terrified but it is starting to fit- like a tight pair of jeans that take a while to break in but whew when they are broken in- they are the best!! I am still spinning and playing with some beats- but not as much as I used to- I needed a little break- now I have some new inspiration- look out!!!

So, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the New year- my motto for this year is " Gotta Love the Chicks in 2006!"

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