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"Stilting Fire Bohemian Goddess"

Ahhh! My passion...stilt acrobatics and stilt costumes!

There is so much more to stilts than simply getting high and walking around. Whole new fantastical beings can be created for stilts, that move and twist and contort unlike any other creatures under the stars.

Performance has brought me in contact with a number of troupes playing out their dreams in the circus realms. One could say that helping them to transform their character ideas into physical reality is some wonderful form of magick...

Put myself and my acro-stilting troupes in these costumes, and there are no limits to what can happen! We will choreograph a fantastic show for any stage or venue, and bring in the brightest times at any event. Add a dash of fire, a huge puppet, an aerial rig or two, and we will fly straight to the sun

You can learn more about this Supa Goddess at


Vibe HistoryVibe HistoryGuest Vibers

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