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Josh Pearlman
"All Bizness"

My roots go east form here, about halfway.
To the Rockies, Colorado. It's where I learned to
On a horse, or a some skis, the side of a cliff.
We lived the mountain lifestyle.
My life is a gift.
Chillin at Burning Man.
Yup, I'm on the playa.
From dust storms galore.
To the mighty Himalaya.
It must be Nepal, where everyone smiles.
These massive peaks go for miles, miles and miles.
It's all I know. A city? What's that?
A place to make money, and get really fat.
I don't need either, not in excess anyway. I just want
to smile, and dance the night away.
So next time you're in the mountains and you think you
hear beats. Look to the hills, not in the streets.
There might be fire.
Or just a good Vibe.
That's just us wierdos.
Come join the Tribe......

It's OK to try and to fail.

Don't fail to try... JoshP

The reason I like this pic (taken in Yosemite)is
because climbing has made me who I am today.
Climbing has really taught me to just be me. How to
handle fear. To be able to dance like no one is
watching and to be able to act like a total raver nerd
in style. Dig it.

Vibe HistoryVibe HistoryGuest Vibers

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