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Everyone is encouraged to participate and creatively express themselves in the fun-loving party atmosphere! “Guest Vibers” are notorious for making Valerie and The Vibe Tribe events extra VIBALICIOUS!!! We would like to send out a very special THANK YOU to everyone who comes to the shows and makes them so wonderful! It takes each one of us bringing our energies together to create such memorable experiences to share. THANK YOU VIBERS ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Our very 1st photo shoot- 2000 San Diego


Dear Valerie and The Vibe Tribe: How do I become a Guest Viber?
- Dancin’ Daniella

Well Dancin’ Daniella,
I tell people to ask themselves the following intimate questions:

Do you have the uncontrollable urge to dance, sing, and hum,
when you feel the throbbing heartbeat of a big bass drum?
Do you have the unyielding desire to smile, grin, and giggle,
when you hear that groovy bass line start to wiggle? and last but not least ....
Do you have the sick and twisted fantasy of infecting everyone on the planet with this happy little viral dancing frenzy of yours so we can all live happily ever after?

If you have answered yes, no, or maybe so to any of these questions, then you my friend are a PERFECT match to be a “Guest Viber.” We actually think everyone should be a “Guest Viber” it’s good for your soul! Just email us a fun picture of yourself and a little blurb on what your dreams and passions are and why you want to be a “Guest Viber” and we’ll hook it up!

Tara Bear- Happy Camper
"Live the life you love and love the life you live." Here's to sunshine, warm water, deep powder on crisp winter days and of course, badass basslines ..... love Tara Bear

Wendy - Groover Girl
This southland groover has been gracing the dance floors from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas.  Supporting her favorite Dj's the best way she knows how, by dancing, dancing, and dancing!!  Her mesmorizing mixed dance style and energy always inspires onlookers to join in.  This goddess wishes to spread the love of dance and music to the world.

DJ Afshar
DJ/Graphic Designer/Promoter/Defender of the faith Born in the Uk live in San Diego. I'm a FunkyDeep House dj who loves music of all kinds people of all worlds. The evolutionary tides are turning, Communities are blooming & children are growing.I want to do my part in bringing the love and inspiration to those who feel the desire to participate & cultivate.

Ron- Dancing Fiend
I'm just a hippie house head that likes to get down. I enjoy dressing up in weird costumes and blowing people's minds. I guess that's why I love Valerie and the Vibe Tribe so much, they're like the long last family I never had. I gotta thank my Goddess for the music! I live in San Clemente, CA and I appreciate the work Valerie and the Vibe Tribe does with GET-M, who says dance music doesn't have a conscience? The time to start getting involved in social activism is NOW. You can usually find me groovin' in front of the speakers or serving up my world famous chai at a desert party. If you happen to see me out and about, please don't be afraid to say "HI"! or just email me at Digitaladobe@hotmail.com . Namaste

Clahhk- Video Maniac
Super Video Viber Skateboarding Groovin' Don't Stop til You Drop Tim Clahhhk!
Superstar DJ extraordinaire! High energy Great Vibes Guy!!!
Sangeetha - PR Goddess
"I'm Sangeetha from Kuala Lumpur. I'm passionate about lots of things... animals, nature but mostly people. I'm really lucky that my work in public relations enables me to meet a whole bunch of interesting, colorful people...like the Goddesses of Valerie and the Vibe Tribe! Keep the Vibes rolling guys!"
Deron- Artist Extraordinaire
Deron Cohen is an artist living in San Diego. Deron's life goal is to have as large of a positive impact on the lives of as many people as he possibly can. You can view Deron's art at www.deroncohen.com and his graphic design work at www.ManBitesArt.com.
Grant Davis- VJ Dimension 7
Grant Davis (AKA VJ Culture)
Audio/Visual Performance.
Creating interactive, Immersive Environments.
Visit www.dimension7.com

Taylor - Healer of the Earth
Taylor dreams that our next generation will transform our culture to live abundantly while regenerating the earth, creating vibrant communities, and building local economies. He believes that we will create a culture that is conducive to life www.earthcare.org
David Agronov - Theatrical Wizard
I have always wanted to play this role, and now I am.
I'm getting my Bastard vibe on. My favorite line:
"Thou, Nature, art my goddess!"
DJ ELZ - Funky Groove Chica
I have been inspired to create my own unique blend of funky booty shaking pumping house, funky bumping techno and funky old school electro break beats. But mostly I want to make other people dance and have a good time, that is very rewarding to me.

Sister SF

Jason Blakemore- Groove God
I DJ, I run a record label (Life Music), I produce music, I throw Life Music parties, and I hang around in parking lots for too long after parties. Co-created Bassex records in the mid 90’s, used to be known as DJ Trance until 1997.
www.LifeMusic.net Stussy, At Large www.djagent.com

Melissa - Dancesafe Mastress
Blurb: I'm spreading good vibe worldwide through harm reduction sex and drug education and U.S. drug policy reform activism-- www.dancesafe.org. Peace and love.
"If you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they'll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action. "- Malcolm X

DJ Colette - Groove Goddess
Singer/Songwriter/Record Player
Music has always been my passion, it is one thing we shouldn't have in moderation, a tangible magical experience.


Pixarelli - Playful Spirit
I am a Pixie. I enjoy laughing, dancing, granting wishes, Burning Man, hugging my beautiful children, and spreading positive vibes and love, of course.
DiDi - Diva DJ
I am a DJ from San Diego. Spinning records has given me a new way to express myself thru music and performance. I would have to say that singing is my true passion and one that I am still in the early stages of developing, yet nothing gives me the feeling as much as stopping someone in their tracks by my voice giving them chills! ? United We Dance! www.djdd.com
Harvey - Happy Dancin' Dude
Marine Construction Consultant
Armelle - Frenchy French
The Vibe Tribe way of clubbing, partying, and loving and mixing trance with everyday completely changed my life!The following year, I helped the best I could this magical tribe, and danced, danced. danced. How fantastic is it to be able to feel somebody else's feelings through her music? Valerie is that amazing person who can transfer her incredibly strong emotions through gold and shiny notes. Being around her is an absolute pleasure: she is surrounded by a halo of positive waves that travel inside your body, sooth your mind, excite your senses, stimulate your brain and transform shy, small smiles in long-lasting laughs
Mario- Magical Wheel Dancer!
Mario dances in his super-chair and spreads good vibes wherever he goes! Never give up is what I've learned from him!
Ayamanatara - Holistic Healer
Ayamanatara is a multi-denominational Shaman who recently returned to Southern California after a six month shamanic journey around the US and Canada. A nationally renowned author, her practice includes healing, channeling, animal communication, and the psychic arts. She has been affiliated with The Crystal Matrix Healing and Learning Center, the Council of the Magickal Arts, Triad Health Link, Dawn Star Center, and the Psychic Eye Book Shops; she is the founder of both The Healing Alliance and Present.
Ayamanatara is currently working to establish a non-profit healing and learning center in Orange County. More informaiton about her can be found at
Hugh - H-Track
DJ Rockstar Guy- Low Key Candelas Deep soulful house king of cool!

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