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Valerie and the Vibe Tribe was born in June 2000 at Ole Madrid in San Diego CA - I was a little intimidated to DJ all by myself for my virgin gig so I asked my groovy girlfriends to dress up as Goddesses with me and to "Vibe" the crowds and dance with everybody. We wanted to really create a sense of unity at the event so we handed out flowers to everyone. It was a great success and we were written up in the SD Union Tribune as one of the 5 featured female DJs in their special 5 page article! Cool first gig!

First Show Ever!

Summer Solstice 2000

The girls and I had such a blast we decided to do it again 3 weeks later for a phat Summer Solstice event in the forest. We dressed up as little Indian Princesses and rocked the forest! Our dear friend Ben-aaka Benny Bunny helped us come up with the name Valerie and the Vibe Tribe- We knew we liked the word Vibe and were thinking of Valerie and the Viberators but we knew that was gay and needed some serious help! Thank Goddess for Benny Bunny!

Always Growing!

Over the past 4 years our original concept of having the girls in costume "Vibing" the crowds at the DJ events has evolved into a much more elaborate, professional, and artistic performance. Now in addition to DJing and "Vibing" we incorporate vocals, samples, and flute, and the Vibe Tribe are all professional performance artists combining fire, aerial, choreography, elaborate costumes, stilts, acrobatics, body-balancing, kung-fu stunts, live visual projections, and sometimes the occasional tribal drumming into our interactive performances.

Costumes from the Early Years

"Dear Valerie, Thanks for totally making my night! I couldn't believe it when you jumped out on the dance floor and danced with us and gave me a big hug while you were rockin' Ruby Skye!! You and the Vibe Tribe ROCK!!!!. Come back SOON!"
Your Forever Fan - TreyD. San Francisco

Many Vibes - Many Masters

Valerie and the Vibe Tribe have performed with:

• Sasha & Digweed
• Nikka Costa
• Garbage
• Grant Plant
• Tall Paul
• Juan Atkins
• Donald Glaude
• Miguel Migs
• Christopher Lawrence
• Pete Tong
• Dave Ralph
• John Kelley
• Electric Skychurch
• Josh Wink
• Danny Howells
• DJ Irene
• Micro
• A Tribe Called Quest
• DJ Mea
• Dave Aude
• Mars
• Eddie Amador
• Solstice
• Mark Farina

Thanks to all the promoters & venue owners who give all of us a place to dance and celebrate!

At the following Vibalicious Events:

Solstice Festival - Cairo, Egypt
Ignite Tour - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Microsoft's X-Box Event - LA
The Palace - Mexico City
US Mega Club Giant - Los Angeles
Billboard Live! - Miami Winter Music Conf.
SlamDance Film Fest - Park City, UT
MTV's "Girls Who Kick Ass" May 2001
Utopia and C2K - Las Vegas
Ruby Skye - San Francisco
Release - San Francisco
Orgy - San Francisco
Ibiza - San Francisco
Film Lounge - Toronto, Canada
Red - Los Angeles
Lotus - Indianapolis
Caesar's Palace - Lake Tahoe, CA
Red I - Lake Tahoe, California
Ohm - Portland
Splash - Salt Lake City, UT
4th & B - San Diego
Club Montage - San Diego
Ole Madrid - San Diego
Aubergine - San Diego
Sanctuary - Scottsdale ,AZ
Club Freedom - Tempe, AZ
Burningman - 2000 & 2001 & 2002
Earthdance 2001 & 2002 (San Diego
2002 Winter Olympics - SLC, Utah
RA @ Luxor - Las Vegas
Bikini Wax - NYC
Squaw Valley - Lake Tahoe

This is just the beginning! Wait 'til you see what we've got up our sleeves for the future!!!
Look out world - Valerie and the Vibe Tribe are coming soon - to a dance floor near you!!!

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