Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.


2020 Val My Pal Presidential Campaign ;-)

I figure I couldn’t do any worse than what we’ve got in office now- I would create world peace by having a big phat party with all the world leaders and dress them up in killer costumes and hook them up with some stompy beats and yummy treats ;-) and show them what they have been missing while they’ve been out promoting war and filling their pockets!

I would also raise the fighting age to 19 and lower the drinking age to match that. It BOGGLES my mind that our government expects our youth to kill and DIE for America if you are 18-19-20 BUT hey there Mr./Ms. Freedom Fighter- you can’t have a beer when you get back from the WAR you just endured! I don’t think so.

I’d balance the budget by making pot legal and taxing sales like cigarettes and alcohol are taxed and make it available to people 19 and up just like alcohol. I am not suggesting that we all do drugs, but this “War on Drugs” is a waste of time, energy, and money. Not to mention the hypocrisy of it all. The only reason pot is illegal is because big pharmaceutical companies cannot patent a PLANT! We need to spend all that “War” money on education and awareness for our young people. The bottom line is if you tell a teenager not to do something- they will do it twice just to spite you. So the reasonable alternative to this futile attempt to stop drug use is to EDUCATE on it.

How can we expect our youth to "Say NO to Drugs" when their parents are popping Viagra like it's candy, weight loss pills instead of a healthy diet and exercise, and giving kids their ADD medicine because their minds are active and excited about life? I know when I was younger, I was just so interested to try things because they were taboo- not necessarily because they sounded good. EDUCATE!!!!!

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