Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

aka Charlie, Woogs, Woogie, Woogers, Chuck

My Best Friend

In a Big Gold Fluffy Body
10-1-1990 to 12-16-2001
In my Heart & Soul Forever.

I hope you can hear me, I miss you so much already. Thank you for being my best friend and loving me unconditionally all these years. Thank you for helping to shape me into a more compassionate, caring, loving human being. Thank you for always waiting for me when I was out and about and always greeting me with true love. Thank you for putting up with my busy schedule and for never judging me or getting mad at me when I was away. Of all the times I have cried, this is the hardest time ever, because you are not here to hug, and you are usually the one who consoles me and makes me feel better.

Knowing you has made me more human, it's funny how animals do that. Ally is wondering where you are? Me too. I know you are safe, happy, and healthy, that's all I care about. I hope you had a good Bon Voyage party with all of us, I am glad you got to see all of your friends and eat corndogs. I hope you were happy spending the very last moments here on the beach with your family, they all love you so much!!! Dr. Paul is SO amazing for coming down to the beach and helping you transition peacefully. I hope one day humans have a choice of how they transition, wouldn't that be nice. I am glad we got to be at the beach on the blanket that Mom made us for your final moments here

You seemed so peaceful when you left, there was a gentle feeling of relief with all of us, did you feel it too? Did you hear all of us telling you how much we love you when you flew away? You have been the VERY best spiritual teacher for me Chuck, I love you so much and hope I was a good student. I will remember and use all the wisdom you've shared with me. It's funny how I have learned so many valuable lessons from you and you didn't even say a word to me. Woof. People would always ask me "Is this your dog?" I loved telling them "No, I'm his person." I know you are always watching over me, my little furry angel. We will meet again soon, but for now, enjoy your trip and know that I am always with you and forever grateful for the paw print you have left on my soul. Thank you for choosing me.

I love you



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