Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Welcome and thanks for stopping
by for a sweet little visit. Grab
yourself a yummy mocha
dahling, and have a
little coffee tawk
with yours
truly ;-)

Who is “yours truly” you ask? It depends on my mood dear:

Some days I’m Valerie “The Vibe Goddess

Other days I’m Valerie “The Vibe Vixen

Occasionally I show up as “The Knobbler”- One Who Twiddles Knobs

And everywhere I go ~ friends call me “Val My PAL

DJ / Vocalist / Flutist / Performance Artist / MusicProducer / Lyricist / Fire Dancer / Stilter
Entrepeneur / GETM Founder / People Energizer / Visual Artist / Costume Designer
Web Designer-in-Training / ex-Charter Boat Captain / ex-Massage Therapist
ex-Accountant / ex-Bartender / Goofy Hippy Chick / Sexy Groovy Goddess
Vibrating Visionary / Student of Life / Wonder Wife-in-Training


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