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I am currently in the studio working on delicious new music with vibalicious vocals and funky flute samples. The impatient little goddess in me is learning that the mystery of musical mastery takes time - time - time - time - tick - tock - tick - tock. As I spend time honing my always growing DJ skills - I am over the initial big hump of the ol' train-wreck infested learning curve ;-)

Yet with music production and song writing - I am swirling in the midst of that intimidating humped beast and am realizing that the way to master it is "One Beat at a Time" - So I am simply going to enjoy the ride of this sonic adventure and see where the waves take me! I look forward to sharing the outcome with you on the dance floor!

~ Valerie

Give yourself permission to be free and express yourself.
Nobody else is going to do it for you.

People ask me what "kind" of music I play, well my theory is this: Music=Emotion, so I play whatever I feel, ya know, whatever my mood is at that moment. Sometimes I feel mellow and play chilly willy jazzy house, sometimes I feel excited so I play crazy fast move my booty 'til I fall down tunes, sometimes I feel sexy and I play smooth sultry move like a cat music, sometimes I feel like going on a trip and play spacy trancy cosmic racing music, sometimes I feel like bangin' on drums so I play earthy organic tribal rhythms, sometimes I feel like gettin' my groove on so I play funky chunky phat house beats, sometimes I feel like a hippy and play old school 60's songs. I prefer to classify myself as a "free-spirit" DJ rather than a house/trance/??? DJ. I get bored very easily so I have to always keep adding something new and interesting to my life and my music. I'm still new at this (life and DJing) so I am always learning something each day. :-)

Dance like no one is watching and sing as though no one is listening.

Click on the links below to hear some of my Favorite Dj Sets!

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Beautiful Day for Orange Shonda My dearest bud Shonda- Super Viber Orange Shonda- in San Diego called me up one day- having herself a baaaaddddd day. It felt awful not being able to be there with her to give her a hug and comfort her. SO I made her this little mix- it's definitely a great pick me up when your feeling a bit blue. So when any of ya'll are feeling like the world just took a big dump on your head and there's no paper towels in sight, listen to this mix- and you'll feel all right ;-)))

Scooby Doobie Nu This funky breaks mix is hilarious. My pal Shana and her pooch P.T.- Petunia (Petunia is a boy dog??? go figure) were chilling at the studio in Tahoe and we thought we should mic P.T. just for a few giggles. Well, mission accomplished. He made funny sounds that reminded me of my buddy Charlie- rest your furry soul. So, enjoy!

Sunday Before the Burn I always get a little anxious and excited before Burningman- especially when I get to camp with a bunch of fresh virgins! I love it!!!! My buddies, Ari, Fanny, Christine, Chris, Nerissa, Cosmo, Jay, sWitch, Jen, Evan, Theresa and goddess knows who else got their sweet little cherries POPPED! Whooohooo- I do love that experience!! Anyhoo, this is a little mix I made the Sunday before the Burn with a few little vocals for ya- Bon Appetit!

Exodus-The Drive Home From Burning the Man I LOVE the Dead- so I thought it would be a nice treat to give my pals a cd to listen to on the drive home from Burningman '04. I thought it would be kinda cool to know that we were all listening to the same cd even if we weren't in the same ride. The Dead sure did change my life. I am sure MANY of you can say the same thing- THANKS GUYS! THANKS

My Favorite Breaks - If you like funky slappy snappy beats - listen to this one! They are some of my favorite oldies and newbies! I have to give props to all of the producers of these tracks and all of the tracks I play, if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't be dancin'! THANKS!

Good Ol' Grooves - Hey Vibers, get your groove on to these groovy house beats - They are some of my favorites - especially the Dubtribe song "Do it Now" They are the reason I am DJing and walking this path - Thanks Sunshine and Moonbeam!

Sexual Journeys - Tahoe Session - I enjoyed creating this very passionate session. It seems to bring out the more wild side in me and hopefully you too. I added a few little vocals over the set as well. Light some candles, break out the handcuffs, and enjoy. Peace.

Sexual Journeys - San Diego Session - This is the first set to get you in the mood and take a nice little trip with your lover. As we all know, it's much more dynamic and sensual to make love while sexy rhythms are slithering in your head. The vision of "Sexual Journeys" is to inspire all DJs, musicians, and artists (that means you, yes you) to create music or sets that will take you on a sensual trip

It's All Good - Chillin' kinda vibe with this one, I was just needing to feel good and hear some San Fran style house, it was mixed live in the Virgin Lounge. Enjoy.

Sad Little Darlin - Original vocal lullabye :-)

Funky Breaks Baby - I just got the new Rennie Pilgrem "Tribalized" and decided to hit record while I was mixing it, this is what happened. I also did a bunch of samples and some vocals over the set. Thanks Rennie, you are awesome!!!

Dreams Come True in 2002 - This is my newest cd for Winter Music Conference in Miami, YEAH! It's hard to fit a whole set on to 56 minutes (there's video on the actual cd) but I sure tried. When I got done with this set, I turned off all the lights except for the ones on the mixer and the monitors in the 'Virgin Lounge" , and sat back and enjoyed the ride. Ok, I got up and danced in the dark a bit, it was quite fun actually. Hope you enjoy the ride, HUGS!

Silicone - Just a tidbit of hard acid housey trance for your eardrums. I did some trippy vocals over this one.

I Love It Hard
- This is my new cd hot off the press, I recommend that you take a deep breath and get ready to move your booty, this high energy cd was mixed live at "The Virgin Lounge". It sounds best LOUD!

Believe - I hope you enjoy my "Virgin" CD called Believe. It's my funky, groovy, tribal, disco, housy stuff. :-) This is my very first CD, I recorded and mastered it in my bedroommmmmmmmmm all by myself. (pain in the booty) I call it Believe because that's what you absolutely 110% have to do to make your dreams come true.

For My Love - When I am in love and feelin' all soft and gooey and snuggly, this is the kind of music I like to listen to.

Bouncin - I love playing this harder style (I love it HARD) when i need some exercise....

Sunday Chillin'
- Charlie (my doggy) and I like to listen to this yummy flavor of music when we're just chillin' at the beach.......I miss you chuckers!!!

Thank you for your amazing inspiration that one person can make a difference.

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