Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

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here's a little blurb about moi

Things I love to love: Travel .... being inspired by different cultures, absorbing elements that heighten my passions for painting music and dance

Burning man ... dancing till dawn, learning about my beautiful family of friends, talents and personality's at large, the water truck, smiley people ...everything positve. WOW the music the costumes the art sculptures ... THE ENERGY

Tahoe...the mountain lifestyle, a little piece of heaven

Painting... expressing moods and chariter with brush strokes, faces with hundreds of stories , rust and wrinkles

other things ....bright colors, fire performing, advice and encouragement, laughing lots, Nepal, my family in England ... but not the weather

proud to be

debi damage


Vibe HistoryVibe HistoryGuest Vibers

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