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Dear World by Valerie the Vibe Goddess
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
PLEASE PRAY for Viber Kim

Hey Gang
Our superviber Kim has been in a serious car accident while she was skateboarding in Oregon. She is in the middle of her 2nd brain surgery in the past 24 hours and she needs ALL of our love, prayer, support, and healing vibes to help get her through this. Kim is a strong stubborn lady and I know she is going to make it it through- she just needs as MUCH of our positive vibes as we can send her. Please light a candle (Kim likes fire;-)) and send her 111% healthy recovery vibes-

We love you Kim. We love you.

Many Thanks
Valerie and the Vibe Tribe

(I guess it is not so strange that I was on the VVT site on Monday night reminiscing and making a post for the 1st time in months. We are all connected. )

Monday, August 14, 2006
Semi-Retirement and MOtherhood
So, hmmm, wellllll, uhhhhhh, I am a MOM!!!!! Dang- WHEW!!!!!! I thought djing was the best thing in the world- then I met my hubby and I thought loving him and being his wife was the best thing in the world, then he knocked me up and I was terrified!! Not quite sure if that was the best thing in the world. Totally afraid of giving up "me" "my time" ,"Val" blah blah blah. You see I have been living life just for me for sooooooooooo long I was not quite sure what it would be like to have this stranger alien creature who is sponging off my life force show up and just turn life into this "all about HER" scenario. Well, I must say, it is the most LOVING feeling I have ever felt in my beautiful life. It's true what they say- you will never know this type of love until you actually are in it. The love of a child- it's a trip.

I was actually considering getting my tubes tied in my 20's because I thought there were too many people on the planet and why bring another person into this situation? I am glad I changed my mind and allowed myself this gift. Mind you, I only did this with the "right person in the right situation". My version of the right situation is that I have the option of working or not. My mother had to work her booty off after my folks split up and it sucks arse. We hardly saw her because she was a single mom trying to raise us and have a life of her own. So I promised myself that I would not repeat that cycle for my kid's sake and for my own. So- my superhubby Steve and I agreed that it would be a good idea for me not to work unless I chose to.

So, now my work is raising my baby Athena and reading her instruction manual each day as well as "Saving the Humans" from themselves. I love my lifestyle and want to preserve it so my daughter can have the same - even better fun and joy that we have been blessed with in our generation. I am in the process of educating myself on global warming and alternative energy so we can get our arses out of the middle-east as well as have some beaches that don't get overtaken by rising water levels from melting icebergs. I like my pina coladas and making love in the rain.

So- you have not seen the last of my little booty- I am in semi-retirement and the new CEO of our family.

Peace to you all and if you want to check out some interesting sites for saving your sweet ass lifestyles see below:


Be well always and in all ways

Valerie your friendly Vibe Goddess

Friday, January 06, 2006
Babies R Us!!!
Aloha Groovers- I supposed it's been a bit overdue- but being pregnant really slows me down from 6th gear to 3rd gear- not my usual operating speed. Oh did I mention that I was PREGNANT!!! My fabulous hubby Stevie and I conceived our baby on the Big Island of Hawaii on June 18thish- we did a little prayer and ceremonial fruit offering to Pele (fire goddess) and we are pretty certain that is where our baby GODDESS was conceived. On the volcano- Hawaii-magical!!! Thanks Dave and Becca for getting married and gathering all of us over in the islands to celebrate your love!

Anyhoo- I am about 30 weeks preggers- due on March 18th- whoohoo- A little baby girl on the way- life is changing in a most beautifully unexpected way- I am really digging this whole nesting mommy vibe. Wasn't too sure what it would be like- in fact I was pretty terrified but it is starting to fit- like a tight pair of jeans that take a while to break in but whew when they are broken in- they are the best!! I am still spinning and playing with some beats- but not as much as I used to- I needed a little break- now I have some new inspiration- look out!!!

So, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the New year- my motto for this year is " Gotta Love the Chicks in 2006!"

Saturday, June 04, 2005
Hibernation and Babies
Aloha Gang!

Hope all is rocking in your worlds- Wow- It's June 4th- I just looked at the date- goodness how time flies. Been laying low with the hubby and the Hercules- getting kinda domesticated up here in lovely Lake Tahoe. Practicing on making da babies ya know.

Been working on a new project called Every Woman's Wisdom- It's a company designed to bring women of all ages and cultures together through the sharing of women's wisdom. We will publish books with stories that are contributed to by women all over the world- that means YOU. The site should be up by July 15 http://www.EveryWomansWisdom.com check it out- contribute your stories and life experiences- the idea is to have EVERY woman on the planet contribute a story about being a woman. We accept stories on all areas of life- you can visit the site for titles of proposed books to get an idea. We accept story submissions embedded in scrapbook pages, handwritten, text via internet, digital art with stories embedded, however you wish to express yourself is great- the more colorful and handmade, the better! We are seeking to make special collectors series to be handed to to each generation of women!

So-get your thinking caps on- think of stories that "you wish someone would have told you - life sure would have been a lot easier if I'd have known that" kind of stories!

Peace Love and Keep Your FAITH ALIVE!!! Live your DREAMS!!!

Friday, March 04, 2005
Mr. Hercules!!

Yes- Steve and I have a new addition to the family- Mr. Hercules!! He brightens our days and makes us giggle and laugh more than ever!! HAHAHA!!

We are hoping to get pregnant soon and have some little Vibe Goddesses and Greek Gods running around the house. Say lots of healthy conception prayers for us por favor!!
Until next time

Be Happy
Be True
Be YOU!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
BOYCOTT Charlton Heston and NRA
This is a letter I worte to Charlton Heston regarding his pathetic behavior surrounding teen and child shootings. I posted it at his "fan" website.


I clicked on the "sign" portion to write hime this letter- It will be interesting if he actually responds like the website claims.

Hello Sir-

I am writing in regard to your handling of the Columbine and Flint child shooting situations. I just saw Bowling for Columbine and was shocked to say the least at your behavior and COWARDICE in dealing with direct questions regarding a very sad and sensitive subject. Being such a powerful man, I would expect you to behave in a more compassionate yet direct manner when confronted with delicate issues such as these unfortunate childhood deaths. You are a man whom people listen to and respect. Please consider using your status to help make a positive difference in people's lives. I understand why we have the "right" to have guns yet do not understand why we have SO many innocent children DIE each year of accidental shootings where other countries do not. YOU sir are partly RESPONSIBLE for this tragedy of society by touting your overly masculine rhetoric on the feeble minded masses. As I am sure you will agree, most people are not very well educated and have tendencies to go with the crowd - especially when that crowd is being led by a charismatic person such as yourself. Hitler was also charismatic. I am a very peaceful person and the reason I have waited so long to watch that movie was because I knew once I saw it- I would respond with action and words. I truly hope and pray that you see how much you can positively or negatively create change on this planet and it's people by how you choose to exercise your power of fame and status. I hope no one you care about ever gets killed our disabled by someone irresponsibly using a GUN. Until you choose to stand up for a SOLUTION to this problem- I and 1000's of my fans will BOYCOTT you and everything you represent.

With Hope and Prayers Valerie Kaye

Thursday, January 22, 2004
A little GRATITUDE goes a long way
Can you say GRAZI baby! Thanks to all the wonderTRIBERS in TAHOE who came out and BLEW the Biltmore up last weekend for the Winter Fantasy weekend!! Those weekends are the reason why I DJ- the friendly faces screaming and glowing with joy when the songs explode in their ears! Hell yeah baby!! I am so thankful to be able to share my version of fun- funk- and funkeeee with people on the dancefloor!

Debi rocked the audience with her stellar interactive VIBING techniques- Kim and Shonda amazed the guests with their fabulous white wings and Dr. Seuss spectacle - Josh lit it up as the angry business fire man- Brianna wowed the crowds with her stilt splits- and our dear VIBER Jamie came out of his shell and into his pink supadupa viber cape!!!

Thanks Tahoe for making me feel like this is my true home!!!

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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