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Groovy Goddess Gatherings

~Girlies Get Their Groove ON!~

Hey Ladies!

Do you ever just want to go dancing and get your GROOVE on and some smooth-guy-wanna-be comes up and disrupts your funky flow with “Wanna moustache ride?” Ewww! Have you ever wanted to just let it all out but you felt pressure to maintain your ladylike composure for the cutie pie guy in the corner you are trying to flirt with? Well, many of us Goddesses need to take Goddess time for ourselves – away from the male persuasion (even though we love you) - You know GIRLS NIGHT! I have a little idea brewing and it’s called the Groovy Goddess Gathering- G^3 at the G-Spot to be precise. It’s basically girl’s night and day out! Enjoying music (all kinds) together, dancing, teaching each other about health, empowerment, mentoring, expression, art, motherhood, daughterhood, sisterhood, feasting, and grooving!!!!

These celebrations will be for ALL ages of Goddesses. And yes YOU are a Goddess. We all are- Some of us just missed the memo! ;-) I am not talking about voodoo trippy blood sacrifice ritual witches- or unrealistic fluffy foo foo -I am talking about the essence that is woman- GODDESS. I believe that if every woman truly OWNED and CLAIMED her true nature as a fully empowered GODDESS, the world would be a VERY DIFFERENT PLACE. I believe that if we all embraced our divine feminine power that men would be gently forced to respond accordingly and they too would embrace their GOD-like nature and act out of love and compassion rather than fear and aggression.

~Winter Wonderland Goddesses~

When you choose to reclaim your GODDESS nature, what kind of GODDESS will you be? A Green Goddess, a Love Goddess, a Music Goddess, a Playful Goddess, a Sexy Goddess, a Funny Goddess, a Cooking Goddess, a Goofy Goddess, a Fashion Goddess, a Mood Goddess, a Pink Goddess, a Sewing Goddess, a Business Goddess, a Disco Goddess, a Healing Goddess, a Nurturing Goddess, Urban Goddess????? It’s entirely up to YOU. Nobody came up to me and said “Valerie, I pronounce you Vibe Goddess” I just decided one day that I am claiming my power and owning the REAL me which is that of a Goddess who spreads GOOD VIBES! So here I am. VahVoom!

~ Little Goddesses in Training ~
If you have or know children- encourage your little Goddesses to be aware of their gifts and talents and to shine the bright light of Goddess energy on them. I was taught as a kid not to acknowledge my gifts, as it was considered “stuck-up” to do so. There is a BIG difference in being confident and being arrogant. Women are taught at a young age to compete with one another and all that leads to is fear, loss of self confidence, and uncomfortable feelings. As we retrain ourselves and teach our young Goddesses that all women are AMAZING SUPER GODDESSES, we create a STRONG respect and support for our sisters leading to positive things for all of us.

As mentioned, this is merely an idea at the moment and the reason I am adding it to the website (along with the cartoon “idea” ) is to see if there is an interest in making this celebration a reality. As an ex- Charter Boat Captain, I am also a fisherwoman- sooooo – I am “fishing” to see if there is anyone interested in participating in this project. I have a lot on my plate but really believe that the seeds need to be planted for these ideas to come to life – otherwise they will lay dormant and nothing will grow. If you or anyone you know would be interested in creating these fabulous female fests- email me and let’s see what we can come up with! Valerie@ValerieandtheVibeTribe.com

So- here’s to possibilities and growth TOGETHER!

Valerie- The Vibe Goddess ;-)

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