Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.


Why Music?

Other than sports and political rallies, what can cause 20,000 strangers to scream and bounce in a unified frenzy?

Music of course

But- The even cooler thing about music is that there are no losers

Only winners!

In sports and politics- there have to be losers in order for the winners to raise those hands in the air-

Not with music- Simply great beats and great vibes to make all these people who’ve never met each other go crazy together! Not just with dance music- but with rock and roll, RnB, country, punk, funk, pop, and hip hop.

Music is MAGIC
Music is EMOTION
Music is LIFE
Music is POWER

It’s pretty powerful- Super powerful

It’s so powerful that we are still moved by songs of people who are long gone.
We chant the lyrics like mantras- permeating our souls- shifting our perspectives

“Imagine”- John Lennon
“Get Up, Stand Up” - Bob Marley

And of people who are still around….
“If you Believe-you’ll find a way” – Jocelyn Brown
“You are beautiful, You are perfect, Just the way you are” – Dubtribe

That last song by Dubtribe changed my course in life. In 1998 I was at Utopia in Vegas and hadn’t really been into electronic music because the stuff I had been exposed to wasn’t really that soulful or organic. Then BAM! Sunshine and Moonbeam were getting down on stage – sitting no less- singing and playing phat magical beats. The words shot through me like a ray of hope –
“You are beautiful, You are perfect, just the way you are”
“You are beautiful, You are perfect, just the way you are”
“You are beautiful, You are perfect, just the way you are”

I was like - “I am? Are you sure? You don’t even know me. I’m not as pretty as all those skinny girls in the magazines and I make lots of mistakes- LOTS. ”
“You are beautiful, You are perfect, just the way you are”
Hmm. Then I realized he was right- I AM beautiful and perfect just the way I am.


Music changed my life forever

I’ve always loved music- I used to play flute and violin in school. Lil’ ol’ me thought DJing was going to be a breeze because I can count to 4 no problem. Ummm- yeah right. I bought my first turntables with Tara Bear and neither of us had even attempted DJing prior to that fateful evening when we first met. Tara was wearing the ugliest brown plaid polyester leisure suit I’d ever seen- Perrrrfect! I thought- It will go great with that horrible green polka-dotted Granny gear (aka The Knobbler outfit) that I love so much~ Yeah ~ A new friend! Jon Bishop was killin’ it at the Candybar that night~Memorial Day 1999~The place was going off! Tara and I both agreed in our Beavis and Butthead voices “Hmm- let’s do that-HmHm-Cool” A week later we had our brand new used Technics turntables bought from DJ Damon Clark at the former Champion Sound in San Diego. Thanks Damon!


Never Give Up! Ever~
Learning how to DJ was so hard at first. Good god! If I knew it was going to be so annoying on my poor eardrums I may have wussed out and not got the tables with Tara. But alas, I spent the cash and by golly-gee-willakers I was going to learn how to DJ. “Ker-ching-Ka-Krash-Com-Kiz-My-Arse” Have you ever heard shoes in the dryer? Argh! I drove myself mad with all the train wrecks – Then one day- POOF- a brief mix of magic- Wow- look Mom- it’s working- I’m Djing! Grrrrrr-splat-kr-chunk-ker-plunk- Well I was DJing- I had newfound hope that I too would be one of the few, the proud, the beat matchers! And guess what- I did it! And now I’m on a brand new adventure learning how to produce music –
I am living my dreams- One beat at a time.
You can too. If not you, who? If not now, when?

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